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is not a bias or tone in the u.s. media or public life. in deed, when i hear cautionary talks from people in the media or public affairs about what they fear as china bashing, i try to remind them of the role that china laplays in u.s. publ discourse. in the presidential debates, there was only one mention of kind na china in chose debates. when they thought that it was unsustainable in terms of debt. president obama's state of the union speech, saying that the chinese can have the drive and so to can the u.s., perhaps the most important metric as you all know, the congressional elections happening this fall are fought around the country. i bet you would not find more than one or two of the 435 congressional relations this fall in which china was in the top five issues. it is a bit early divided case in which china was not part of the u.s. national debate. but if there is fear of & tie chinese tone, there is little evidence of it in the course of u.s. politics. rather i would say, the problem to explain in u.s. china coverage is something you can dd define this way. a measure of the adequ
, afghanistan announces when it will be ready to police its provinces without u.s. help. so, when can all the troops come home? >>> well worries. a leak in the capped oil well could be a sign of more trouble. but bp has a plan. >>> and a lockup. lindsay lohan becomes the latest star to serve time in just a few hours. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. for the first time, afghan leaders are setting a date when they will be ready to take over national security. >> the big announcement came just hours ago, during a meeting of leaders from around the world, including the u.s. secretary of state. it was a meeting that was nearly interrupted by violence. >> nick schifrin is live in kabul this morning. >> reporter: a busy day. good morning, rob. good morning, vinita. afghan president, hamid karzai, has viewed the hope that his security forces will be able to take control of security in the country in five years. but he never used the date 2014. that is now the date that he hopes that his police, his army, can take control of all 34 provinces across the country. that is a very ambiti
about the apparent erosion of the cdu senior leadership. the of the u.s. government of a lot of other 24 hours of testing in the gulf of mexico after export -- experts detected more leaking around the record bp oil well. pressure readings are lower than expected, indicating crude oil could be seeping into the surrounding bedrock. monitors say they may have observed methane over the well head. b earlyp admin it some bubbles appeared near the site but it is optimistic the containment cap placed last thursday will hold. ireland is still facing a slow climb out of recession. >> exactly. troubled news about european economies. currency markets are taking it in stride. ireland's sovereign debt was downgraded by the rating agency moody's. it dropped the creditworthiness one notch to aa2. moody's said arlen boston national that continues to swell and economic growth over the next few years looks unlikely. >> banking and real-estate retention of ireland's growth before the economic crisis. but today the country is full of real-estate nobody wants or can afford. the state had to create a so- calle
. here's brian bolter with the "news edge". >> i don't want any u.s. citizen to go threw what i went threw. >> reporter: this man's travel nightmare is finally over. for the last two months he was stranded overseas. the feds denied him access to the u.s. after his name mistakenly popped up on a no fly list. he's back and sharing his story. tom fitzgerald spoke with him tonight. >> reporter: yahya wehelie is a muslim. he went to school here. he has never been in trouble with the law. he traveled to yemen to learn arabic and got a first hand lesson in frustration when his name popped up on the no fly list and he was halfway around the world trying to get home. back home, yahya wehelie can finally smile. >> i felt like a billion bricks are off my back. i'm home. >> reporter: two months after after a trip to yemen to learn arabic he landed in egypt where he learned his trip was over. >> you got to go to the embassy. we can't put you on the flight. i'm like okay, what's going on. >> what was going on was wehelie's name wound up on a no fly list. he's muslim and even though he's never been
: tonight, u.s. lawmakers demand answers. toyota's trouble. a grand jury now subpoenaing the company. this time it's not about pedal problems and this time it could be criminal. tonight might car company executives actually do time in jail? but, first from fox this tuesday night, the questions of whether bp tried to help a convicted terrorist get out of prison in exchange for oil contracts? united states lawmakers and the british prime minister david cameron are just minutes away from a highly anticipated meeting on this controversy. and tonight's meeting comes just hours after the british prime minister indicated while here that he will not support an inquiry into the release of the libyan terrorist abdel alma g.p.s. grahi. he had been serving a sentence for a bombing over lockerbie scotland in 19 8. last year scotland released him on compassionate grounds. because some doctors said he had but months to live. he is still very much alive. u.s. lawmakers have been asking whether bp's oil company helped get him released in an agreement involving energy deals and blood money. >> the dec
throughout the country by 2014. >> conrad black called out of jail as the u.s. appeals court considers his appeal. also, we will go live to where europe's biggest ever defense project is on display at the world's biggest air show. hello, welcome. troop withdrawal. self policing, accommodating the taliban. these are critical issues to afghanistan's future, which are on the table at an international conference. >> welcome to the afghan capital. today on everyone's mind is 2014. that is the date that the president said he would like his security forces to take responsibility for security right across this country. he laid out in even greater challenge saying that some parts of the country could come under their control transfer from international security forces as early as this year. it is the start of what many are calling a transition, a transition supported by the international community as well. the clock is ticking, and this is already a critical year. starting with the london conference and now this cobkabhl conference. to go more than 40 -- >> more than 40 prime ministers are attendin
. well, matt, as you know, the high octane british prime minister, david cameron, arrived for his first u.s. visit since taking office in early may. and we had a chance to interview him. cameron and obama, both in their 40s, both with young children. but cameron is a conservative, and on this day, we learned bp is selling $7 billion in assets to another oil company, the apache corporation, to generate cash for the costs of the oil spill. cameron had been worried that unrelenting u.s. pressure on the company could affect the stockholders on both sides of the ocean. are you as angry about what happened in the gulf as americans are? >> yes, i was very angry about it because anyone who cares about the environment, when you see those pictures of oil pouring out of an underground well and doing so much environmental damage, doing damage to wildlife, to beaches, that makes you angry, that makes you angry. i want bp to sort it out. i do think it's in britain's interest and also america's interest, and the world's interest, that bp remains a strong and stable company, not only so it is able to make
minister is looking to get his country out. the u.s. wants commitments of bp will pay up. >> i think that is what the prime minister said as well. >> lawmakers are demanding to know what role bp played in the freeing of the lockerbie bombing of. >> it could be a corrupt deal between bp and libya. >> he was convicted of being the biggest mass murder in history. >> resetting a special friendship between two nations as two leaders get to know each other. the prime minister said he will meet with senators who have tough questions for bp. >> the new center will be expected to be sworn in today. he fills the vacancy left by robert byrd. it's not clear whether carte goodwin will fill the rest of byrd's term. >> it was a small step for man and it happened 41 years ago today. more than a billion people watched and listened to the apollo 11 astronauts neil armstrong stepped onto the moon. michael collins remained in the command module. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. as we observe the 41st anniversary of the moon landing, what do you think america's future role in space
each other about a ra barack and david. >> the u.s. has no stronger partner than great britain. >> reporter: but the bp oil leak in the gulf coast test thad alliance. oil giant british petroleum continues to wreak of havoc. >> i completely understand the anger that exists. the oil spill a catastrophe. >> reporter: and growing controversy whether bp had the role in a release of ali muhammad. >> releasing a mass murderer of 270 people, the largest act of terrorism ever committed in the united kingdom, was completely wrong. so in my view, neither should that killer have been given that luxury. that wasn't a decision taken by bp. it was taken by the scottish government. >> reporter: he was convicted in the 1988 pan am 103 bombing over lockerbie scotland that killed 270 people, mostly americans. the scottish government released him on compassionate grounds after doctors said he had terminal prostate cancer and just three months to live. president obama said that was a mistake, and cameron agreed. cameron said he would provide information for a u.s. congressional investigation but di
an easy relationship with the u.s., but clinton went out of her way to show hamid karzai respect. even as she embraced the afghan government's effort to step up and take control of the country, clinton reminded delegates that there's still much work to be done. >> we have no intention of abandoning our long term mission of achieving the kind of afghanistan that president karzai set forth in his speech. >> reporter: afghan president hamid karzai said his government was ready to take more control of the war against insurgents and also the billions of dollars of foreign aid flowing in to afghanistan. but with greater control comes greater responsibility. afghanistan is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and delegates from more than 60 different countries are demanding the afghan government cleans up its act. the secretary of state was delivering a delicately balanced message. on one hand promising the u.s. has a long term commitment to the afghan cause. on the other, reminding everyone that president obama would like to see u.s. troop numbers here start to fall in a year's tim
would actually be there. but what happens is that because for example, u.s.a.i.d.-- again an organization that has a lot of good will in it-- it also moves with the political agendas of the united states government and so project... projects or assignments or those that are applied for by n.g.o.s become limited to those things which go straight along with the u.s. agenda. so these are the kind of things that have to be thought out very very clearly. one of the kind of no-brainers in things where i would encourage people to put money is in rubble clearing. >> this is jean baptist and this was one of the main streets. this is the area we're working on clearing now. >> this corner, people stay here like late at night. they're having fun here, there was a t.v. here, there was water here, but most of the people used to hang out here. >> so this was like the town square. >> exactly. >> rose: time after time when ski people about haiti, that's what they say, you need to get rid of the rubble. >> you'll do no harm by clearing the streets to let the haitian people make their own co
to step aside. several vitamin at groups have asked the u.s. district judge martin feldman to are with draw due to a number of investments he's made in oil and gas companies but he's refused. he said, quote, the motion for discall fi indication is without merit. >>> bp's issue is on top at the white house today. amid-american backlash against the british oil giant, the two are going to address whether they had influence of the lockerbie bomber from a scottish prison. before leaving for the u.s. cameron called the decision, quote, utterly wrong. u.s. lawmakers want to know whether there's a link between the freeing of a bomber, a libyan, and a bp oil deal with libya. >>> senate democrats are expected to push through a long delay bill, skpenlding unemployment benefits for 2 1/2 million americans today. the legislation had been stalled for weeks with democrats short a crucial 60th vote. but all that changes today with the swearing in of carte goodwin, the new democratic senator. his decision puts democrats in position to overcome a republican filibuster and bring the bill to a
of interest. several environmental groups have asked u.s. district judge martin feldman to withdraw due to a number of investments he's made in oil and gas companies, but feldman has refused, saying, quote, the motion for disqualification is without merit. >>> bp's oil disaster is high up on the list of topics to be discussed by president obama in england's recently elected prime minister david cameron at the white house today. amid-american backlash against the british oil giant, the two are also expected to address whether bp had influence in the release of the lockerbie bomber from a scottish prison. before leaving for the u.s., cameron called the decision, quote, utterly wrong. u.s. lawmakers want to know whether there's a link between the freeing of the bomber, a libyan, and a bp oil deal with libya. >>> senate democrats are expected to push through a long delayed bill, extending unemployment benefits for 2.5 million americans today. the legislation had been stalled in the senate for weeks with democrats short a crucial 60th vote. but all that changes today with the swearing in of
is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: on this motion, the yeas are 400, the nays are six, two are recorded as present. 2/3 being in the affirmative, the rules are suspended, the are resolution is agreed to, and without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. the unfinished business is the vote on the tion of the gentleman from virginia, mr. perriello to suspend the res and pass h.r. 5604, on which the yeas and nays are ordered. the clk will report the title of the bill. the cler h.r. 5604, a bill to rescind amounts authorized for certain surfe transportation programs. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house suspend the rules and pass the bill? members ll record their votes by electronic device. this is a five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the tional captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of repres
." >>> pressure to leave the u.s. department of agriculture, shunned by the naacp. we're pushing forward this story of shirley sherrod now she's telling us that we don't know the whole story. a youtube clip of her went viral. it's from an naacp dinner in march. >> there is zero tolerance for discrimination at the usda. i strongly condemn this. we are appalled by her actions just as we are with the abuse of power against farmers of color and female farmers. but sherrod says, hold on a second. that clip doesn't have context and doesn't tell the whole story. she actually called in to cnn's american morning to talk about her context. she said that we have totally missed the mark on this. >> we certainly don't have the whole story is what she's saying. when you take a look at that clip and play it for ben jealous with the naacp, they say clearly it would represent institutional racism. this took place on august 27th. shirley says, hang on here, i was recounting a story that took place 24 years ago. long before she joined the u.s. department of agriculture. here's what she told us this morning
government. we all know the story of red ink and escalating debt. at the same time, you have a u.s. economy still struggling to keep the recovery going, and democrats clearly believes the need to provide a sufficient base for the recovery through the likes of benefits and other programs is necessary. there trumpeting the concerns over the debt and saying to do them but on the basis of which they did not add to the federal deficit. >> if it appears they moved to unemployment benefits, why did the president make a statement talking about republicans and their approach? >> it seems to me his message was calculated to test to make sure the votes were there, as we have seen several times through this process does been a number of votes for democrats thought they had sufficient votes, and at the last minute, a republican and changed their minds. i think the president's message was calculated to put pressure to insure they will side with the majority appear reagan and >> -- maturity. >> thank you for joining us. this segment is 40 minutes. "washington journal" continues. host: jane oates with the
and supported by the u.s.. >> i recall that comment from bush. immediately after he gave that speech he came to a studio in new york at the embassy. my crew had him on this program. we interviewed him shortly after that speech. it was a fascinating day to talk to him. >> in the film we have kirschner, his friend. he says that he likes to go chavez as a friend, but he needs to think about a successor. right now the system needs to be made sure it works. >> that does not bother you? that he is setting himself up to be like castro? >> there is always an norris scrooge -- enormous scrutiny on the election. not only do they have an electronic balances, but at the same time they have two groups. far better than florida in 2000. there was a 75% turnout. better than obama. >> whe is putting off referendums. saying that he once had a third term. is hard going down there. i will not say that it is easy, but i will give you an example. he fires people that are his friends because of corruption. sometimes you get a post in the government position and you steal. the moment they get fired they go to the p
it keeps money flowing into the u.s. economy. why would they want to add to the debt when they still have lots of money that still hasn't been earmarked for anything? >> i can't answer that directly but i can say that speaker pelosi -- speaker pelosi, president obama and senator reid thinks spend more money, that's the best way to create jobs, spend more money, extend jobless benefits, they say that's a way of creating jobs. many economists say that's not correct. we're getting earnings reports from the financial companies, the economy, the recovery, has stalled, that you can say for sure. secondly, this extension of unemployment benefits will definitely add to the overall decifit. $34 billion. because we've got to borrow this money. if you look at the debt clock, that means that by the end of this day or by early tomorrow morning, top left, there you go, we've crossed $13.2 trillion. we'll be at 13.22 by the end of tomorrow or early into thursday morning. we're adding to the decifit. you can definitely say that. martha: i mentioned, we all remember not too long ago, they passed pay go wh
relationship but as the new prime minister visits the u.s., how close are these the two leaders devastating floods in china and they are putting pressure on the recently completed three gorges dam. coming up later, as the north korean spy, she blew up an aircraft. now she is a best-selling author. why she is visiting japan. the warning that this activity could live up to its grim name, it is called >> hello and welcome. -an army recruit has turned up n foreigners, this time in two american civilians were shot dead at a training base in afghanistan. on an afghan soldier and a suspected gunmen were also killed. this is the second incident in as many weeks and it comes as representatives of from 70 countries descended on the capital to discuss the future of the country. the president of hamid karzai says that he would like afghan troops to take over total responsibility. >> he is the president of the nation at war but he has been accused of presiding over a cop and sissy -- over incompetency and corruption. now he is being touted as a man who can turn this around. more than 70 representatives
for the participating countries amounted to 80% of the global consumption. at the meeting japan and the u.s. will propose setting up joint government and industry task forces to develop energy-saving initiative for sectors including steel and electricity. other nations are expected to suggest promoting electricity vehicles and energy-saving appliances. a call to create an international standard for the so-called next generation smart grid electricity networks will also be discussed. japanese representative said the meeting is significant because talks on combatting global warming are not progressing. >> translator: china, india and brazil are taking heart, so we hope to take the initiative and make progress in this field. >>> u.s. airplane maker boeing unveiled the 787 dreamliner to the media at an air show near london. about 1,400 companies from 38 countries are taking part in the farmboro international air show that opened monday. the boeing 787 will consume 20% less fuel than the predecessor thanks to its lighter fuselage and wings matter of lighter composite materials. the mid-size airp
on unrelated federal charges including a violent crime. the u.s. attorneys confirms this person of interest is scheduled to go on trial in november and is being held without bond. >>> police are investigating the murder of a virginia man killed in oakland, california. he was in california if a job interview with google. police say he went to an oakland dentist for a cleaning sunday night. after his appointment, he and a dental hygienist were outside when two men held them up and he was shot to death. the dentist was not harmed. he was seen here with his wife. police and crime stoppers of oakland are covering a $0,000 reward for information to help solve this case. >>gang members and their soabt now off the streets and in custody. of those arrested, # 1 face immigration charges. only one. those arrested is an american citizen. -- 31 face immigration charges. only one of those arrested is an american citizen. >>> lindsay lohan on her way to jail today. that is not the only trouble making headline for the actress this morning. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d
was in pakistan today, emphasizing the u.s. commitment there. she announced several new projects as part of a $7.5 billion aid effort. she then travelled to kabul for international security conference on the afghanistan war. before leaving pakistan, clinton talked to greta van susteren and she thinks, clinton thinks someone in that government of pakistan knows where osama bin laden is. >> if there were a terrorist network operating somewhere, even in the remote place in the united states, some sheriff, you know, some local state policeman, somebody in our collective government would probably know that there was something suspicious going on. so that's why i assume somebody, somebody in this government from top to bottom does know where bin laden is. i'd like to know, too. >> bret: tune in, 10:00 p.m. eastern time for on the record with greta to see her exclusive interview with secretary clinton. security in afghanistan has been heightened in advance of the security conference mrs. clinton is attending. thousands of soldiers and police have been deployed to kabul. two u.s. soldiers were killed by
at the white house today. it is the prime minister's first official visit to the u.s. as the prime minister. alison burns joining us live in our washington, d.c. bureau with paul the details. good morning, alison. >> reporter: good morning, dave. just ten weeks after becoming prime minister britain's david cammer ron comes to the white house this morning. he met with president obama at the g-8 summit in canada last month. today they take on two high stakes immediate issues, bp and afghanistan. on afghanistan president obama will press cameron for continued support. the prime minister has said he wants all troops out by 2015. >> i think both they and we have said we will not be there forever. we have to stand up an afghan national squirt force, an army and police. >> reporter: on camera he has been uncomfortable with the hash grilling of bp executives over the oil spill. it is europe's second largest energy company and cameron will emphasize today that it needs to survive. cameron is also going to be talking about bp here on capitol hill with members of congress. reporting live from washingt
. the british called it the special relationship, but as the new prime minister visits the u.s., how close are the two leaders? devastating floods in china putting record pressure on the recently completed three gorges dam. welcome to "bbc world news mccloy's " broadcasting to our viewers on pbs in america, and also around the globe. coming up later, as a north korean spy, she blew up an airliner. now, she is a best-selling author. why she is now visiting japan. and the warnings here in britain that this fast-growing activity could live up to its grim name. an afghan army recruit has again turned on foreigners. this time, two american civilians were shot dead at a training base in northern afghanistan. an afghan soldier and the suspected gunman were also killed. it is the second such incident in as many weeks and comes just as representatives of 70 countries descended on kabul to the skies the country's future. president karzai told the conference that he wants afghan forces to take control of total security for the country by the end of 2013. >> he is the president of a nation at war, bud
widely. >> the u.s. appeals court has granted bail to the media magnate conrad black as he appeals his conviction. the british parent and other executives were convicted in 2007 of swindling shareholders out of $6.1 million. but will serve more than two years of the six and a half year sentence. an investigation into american surveillance system says it has been made so they get is near impossible to determine its effectiveness. it involves 1300 government organizations, and no one knows how much it cost, how many people it employs, or how many agencies do the same work. suriname's former military dictator has been elected president of the country. the 64-year-old was voted in after he failed to win sufficient majority votes in may. the former army leader is accused of human rights violations. charges of defamation. the author was in the country to promote his new book. he has now been released on bail. the attorney general says statements cast doubt upon the integrity of judges. bp has been given 24 hours to check the cap over the leaking oil well after seepage was detected near the o
of the highest in the country, possibly due to the layoffs of thousands of temporary census workers. the u.s. senate it just approved another extension of unemployment benefits today for those unemployed americans. yesterday, president obama criticized republicans who have repeatedly voted against the measure. this morning, nancy pelosi said unemployment insurance is an important stimulus for the economy. >> it's responsible for citation of millions of jobs because people who get unemployment surance need it. they spend the money immediately. it injects demand into the economy and it creates jobs. >> reporter: today's vote happened after new senator goodwin was sworn in. he provided the 60th vote needed to break the filibuster. the house will take up the bill tomorrow. president obama is likely to sign it into law by week's end. >>> actress lindsay lohan is now playing the role of a jailhouse prisoner. [ chanting ] >>> protesters just staged a die-in outside the office of nancy pelosi. they say the issue is a matter of life or death. >>> will the bay area's cooler- than-normal temperatures c
of the guard as far as news flow is concerned in the u.s.a. if you want to know what's really happening in america, you have to come here because you will not get it in much of the mainstream media. that being said, "the washington post" ombudsman andrew alexander was gutsy in his admission that the post botched the story there are some very skilled people working in the establishment media problem is, there aren't enough of them. and that's the memo. in just two minutes, bernie goldberg will weigh in on the cutters-schieffer interview. newspaper article >> bill: continuing now with our lead story, why the establishment media largely ignored the black panther-justice department controversy and is often misstating the arizona illegal alien lawsuit. joining us now from north carolina fox news analyst bernie goldberg. you know, bernie, history has a way in america, if you study us from the beginning, of correcting bad things in the country. i think we are at that point now with the media i think that this bob schieffer, howard kurtz, black panther, justice department, arizona thing has bro
the release of megrahi, the u.s. government was against that, the uk government originally was against it but after lobbying for bp and pushing by the libyans, the uk government agreed to a prisoner transfer agreement that would include megrahi. now at the end of the day, the scotts say they made their decision to release him not on the basis of the prisoner transfer agreement, but on a completely separate track, compassionate release and that's the grounds on which he was released. so the british government is saying, and you heard prime minister cameron saying it today, look, bp's lobbying on this didn't play a role, the scotts made the decision, they made the decision for other reasons. >> so if there is another investigation, libya will probably not send back megrahi, so what's the next step? >> the next step is the senate hearing where we will hear more about what i think a lot of people are going to find to be unpleasant and unsavory lobbying by bp on the british government in order to sign an oil deal. an agreement that allowed for the release of a convicted terrorist. now a lot
2009. >> dana: joining me live is robert bonner the former commissioner and u.s. customs pan border protection commissioner and senior partner of sentinel hs group. thank you for joining me commissioner. >> good to be here. >> dana: sir, do you think announcement today by the administration is enough or is it too little, too late? >> i doubt that 1200 national guard troops at the borders, i doubt that's going to have much impact in terms of gaining control of the border. in fact, i don't really think that national guard is the solution. i mean, they aren't really trained to do border law enforcement and therefore, they are not likely to have much impact. i think is largely a symbolic gesture when you get down to it. >> dana: can you explain for the viewers, what exactly while these national guard troops be doing when they get there? >> i only know what i read. i think they will be supportingcus tops and border protection -- the border patrol. i'm not sure what they will be doing. i do know from the past, national guard tend to be deployed when they are deployed on a temporary basis.
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